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movie:  A Brother’s Kiss
Release date: 1997
Country: USA
Runtime: 93 min
Genre: drama
Directed by Seth Zvi Rosenfeld
Nick Chinlund (Lex), Michael Raynor (Mick), Cathy Moriarty (Doreen), Rosie Perez (Debbie), John Leguizamo (Lefty Louie), Michael Rapaport (Stingy)

Lex (Nick Chinlund) is a streetwise and charismatic rabble-rouser, both guardian and mentor to his sensitive kid brother, Mick (Michael Raynor). Despite an absent father and an alcoholic mother (Cathy Moriarty), the brothers are determined to live clean.
   Lex dreams of becoming a professional basketball player, and Mick of becoming a detective. As they grow older, Mick matures into a straight arrow cop. But, despite some real talent, Lex squanders his chances to play pro ball and finds himself forced to take menial jobs to support a new wife (Rosie Perez) and baby.
   Unable to cope with his shattered dreams and the pressures of everyday life, he turns to crime and drugs, and finds himself under the thumb of a local gangster (John Leguizamo). Always loyal to Lex, Mick recognizes that his older brother has hit rock bottom and desperately tries to help him. But there is no escape, only the final resounding echo of the futility of a wasted life that even love could not redeem.

Nick Chinlund also served as the executive producer of this movie.
The film resonates with the real conflicts of life in the "under-city," where families shatter, dreams disintegrate, and survival is a day-to-day test of will. In 1989, Nick Chinlund commissioned Seth Zvi Rosenfeld to write and direct a play based on common themes experienced by Chinlund and Rosenfeld growing up in East Harlem. The one-act play, "A Brother's Kiss," starred Nick Chinlund and Michael Raynor, and received rave reviews when it ran at the Intar Theater. Rosenfeld subsequently decided to re-write the story as a screenplay.

Братский поцелуй
в ролях:
Ник Чинланд (Лекс), Майкл Рэйнор (Мик), Кэти Мориарти (Дорин), Рози Перез (Дебби), Джон Легуизамо (Левша Луи), Майкл Рапапорт (Скупой)

Ночной телефонный звонок разбудил человека и голос брата на другом конце провода попросил его приехать…
   Неблагополучная семья, проживающая в Гарлеме. Пьющая мамашка (Кэти Мориарти), двое братьев, предоставленных самим себе. Старший - Лекс (Ник Чинланд) получает путевку в исправительное заведение за то, что защищая брата избил человека. Годы спустя младший брат (Майкл Рейнор) становится полицейским, его жизнь размерена и относительно благополучна. В жизни Лекса неприятности накручиваются как снег на снежный ком, несущийся с горы: жена, ребенок; малооплачиваемая работа, криминальный бизнес; проблемы с наркотиками, воровство; убийство; пуля в висок.

Социальная драма - она и есть социальная драма.